Aside from my heart breakin’ in two
I don’t know why I endlessly cry over you
this is somethin’ I’m not used to
somebody save me from this heartache
I can’t go down that road (oh!)
no, I won’t break into pieces,
this is the last of my heart you’re stealin’
I will not shed another tear,
‘cause if it’s for you, it’d be my wounds never heal
but I hope you’re cryin’ for me, ooh
remember those days

Remember the day you whispered “I love you”?
Remember the shoulder you said I could cry on?
Remember the lies you spit in my face?
Remember the heartache? (I remember)

I feel deep within a hatred growin’
it’s your selfishness that got in the way
tore us down and there’s no way to reclaim (my heart)
forever it’s chained to loneliness
somebody get me out of this prison
I’m goin’ down that road
where the streets are dark
again and again I fight with my heart
remember those days (I can’t forget)

Remember the day you whispered “I love you”?
Remember the day you wrote me a poem?
Remember the loveless lies it told?
Remember the heartache? (yes, I remember)

So, I’ve faced the misery, got through all the tears
you saw my doubts and fears
preyed on me, ’cause I let my guard down (for just a moment)
you’re my mind’s tragedy
in my every thought,
why won’t you leave,
this is not like me,
these feelings, what are these feelings
I feel deep within
again and again I fight

Remember the day you whispered “I love you”
remember the day you spit lies in my face
remember the day you wished me dead
remember the day you scratched my heart
when I was bleedin’, and I looked at my scars
and all you had was that shitty smile on your face?
Oh, I just wanted to kill you then, but, I loved you.
I remember the day you smiled and said,
“I hate you, but I love you.”
I remember the day I loved and lost
it was with someone who’d shoot me down
and bang bang, my baby shot me down
well, Cher’s not here now
come back to reality for just a moment
you’ve gotta listen to this, but fuck it
in one ear, out the other
I no longer have time for ya selfish bullshit
but yeah, I’ll remember
for the rest of my life, I’ll remember
memories, they last forever
the good, the bad, the just plain sad
“Fucked up!” is what I should say
‘cause that’s you, but you played a good game
and player 2 is checkin’ out today
I still got so much to say
but hey, I’ll leave you
I’ll leave you with just a thought:
I love you.