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You cannot have happiness without a drop of pain.

Mother’s Day is your day to shine
you don’t need all of the glitz and glam.
All you want is an “I love you,”
nothing more because you know I adore you.

You don’t want to be showered in gifts,
I understand, mother, that’s why I’m writing this.

On September 26,
your mother gave birth to a goddess, a queen.
Mother, you’re a marvelous being.

Every day I wake up to see
see that you’re here to spend one more year with me.
A mother like you, there’s only a few in the world
that’s why I’m glad you’re here to love me more.

Mother’s Day is your day to shine
but you’re the sun that always lights up my sky
I love you more than life itself.
Take a bow mother,
because this is your day
you’re so divine
in your own special way.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I wrote this poem for my mother for Mother’s Day. She said she didn’t want any flowers or gifts, just an “I love you and a hug.” But I had to give her something. I read this to her at the Mother’s Day cookout. She loves the poem, and I’m glad I put a smile on her face. She even cried, but sh! 😉

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