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Don’t pass judgment on me, until you’ve resurrected my pain and feel what flows through me each day.

We live, we die, we’re the small ones to fry
each day that goes by we dream that we’re going to die.
We fight this war, but what does it do?
It makes the whole world angry at you.

Guns loaded, enemies all around,
this war can’t go on,
I can’t stand to see all of them laying on the ground.

Soaked in blood, I rise once again
I’ve killed the enemy
now is that a so-called sin?

I’ve paid my debt to this society.
When will they let me go?
When will they release me?

I’ve done no wrong
I was trained, controlled
then handed a gun.

I’m not a killing machine,
I can’t do this dirty deed.
These dreams can’t be real
I’ve lost all feeling, I’m numb.
I can no longer take these orders
harming people is not what I want to do with my life
I have other wars that I need to fight.

Go find someone else to play like a fool,
I’m not going to be used, I’m not your tool.

It’s over.
Or is it?
It’s their war,
let them finish it.

I’m not going to be part of the death of my species
I can’t live with that
it would just haunt me.

It’s not my fault.
Or is it?

I was made to do it
or I would have been terminated.

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