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Restoration, Abolish Annihilation

January 20, 2012.Bradley Howington.0 Likes.4 Comments

Let’s break these chains and tie up these remains
I can’t stand to see these bodies drained
of blood, shed, because of war and famine
let’s seal and make amends
It’s all part of my restoration
let’s heal and abolish annihilation
we’ll repair as much as we can
let’s leave pieces undamaged.

Take a stand.

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Tags: #Life

Comments (4)

  • Rai Azlan . January 20, 2012 . Reply

    been reading your poems for a while. i must say good work man

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . January 20, 2012 . Reply

      Glad you like them! Thank you, Rai!


  • Lindy Lee . January 21, 2012 . Reply

    “Restoration, Abolish Annihilation” and accompanying photo compliment one another quite well. The peace message is well taken by this reader…

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . January 21, 2012 . Reply

      Thank you, Lindy! We’re not getting much peace lately, and it’s seen very clearly.

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