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A dagger of roses plunged through my heart, let’s lick up the blood and gaze the stars.

Shay Barlage on Her 18th Birthday

For eighteen years, she suffered
I always told her I’d take it away
the disease that caused her pain
but I didn’t have the power.
Shay was a lovely girl
but there was one thing she wanted more than anything else in this world: happiness.

In April 2011, she was going to marry the man she fell in love with, Chris
but Shay could not take much more of this.
She fought for eighteen years,
against her worst enemy.
She lost the battle,
and everyone shed a tear
because we lost someone dear.

Shay is not forgotten, she will always be here,
everywhere we go, when we pass a mirror.
Shay’s face will be there, looking back at us
never lost in the darkness
her spirit embracing us.

Released on February 4, 2011
a girl who suffered from cystic fibrosis
it’s so heartbreaking.
She was welcomed to another universe with a smile
Shay can breathe, she’s cystic fibrosis free now.
Her wings are pretty, as she flies high
whenever you’re feeling down,
she wants you to look to the sky.
She’s never sad, she’s with her family
she left eighteen years to the day,
that her cousin Christopher past away.
I bet her and Christopher are dancing happily.

Shay, I love, you’ll always be remembered
waiting for the family at the gate one by one as we enter.
I miss you, my words cannot express.
Sleep peacefully,
get your rest.

Shay Barlage fought against a terrible disease. She was released February 4, 2011 at Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her loss has devastated the entire family.

Photo: Shay Barlage on her 18th birthday.

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  • Steve Shultz . January 18, 2012 . Reply

    Heartbreaking. So sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful poem. I love the lines “Never lost in the darkness
    Her spirit embracing us.”

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . January 18, 2012 . Reply

      Thank you, Steve! I miss her so much. Nothing is the same without her. She was an amazing girl.

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