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He who walks with wolves braves the unknown.

When you’re gone, there seems a rush
a rush of air that I’ve come to love
as cold as it may seem, it’s tugging on me
I can’t fight the feeling against my skin
I’ve tried to hold on, but I know you’re gone
and there’s nothing that’s going to change that
so I must go on with my life,
but know I won’t leave you behind.

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Tags: #Life

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  • brian miller . May 26, 2012 . Reply

    nah we will always carry pieces of them with us…and wind that blows, nice allusion to the change…i try to fight it as well…nice piece sir…hope you have a wonderful weekend

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . May 26, 2012 . Reply

      Thank you, B, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too!

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