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Bradley Howington is only a body I inhabit.

My mamma said that life was not meant to be
that’s why I’m playing a violin so peacefully.
It’s so sad that music plays
when the dead will never wake
so take me far away.

It’s so sad that life is not meant to be
my mamma told me when I was young to let it be
it’s a curse we all live chaotically
my mamma told me.

It’s a curse the day I was birthed
my mamma told me that I’m not worth
the pain it brought
so, that’s life
my mamma told me.

I learned after twenty-two years
that this curse has evaporated
but what’s left, annihilation?
What does the year 2012 have to offer
another curse told by my mother?
It’s not the same
I’m not to blame.

My mamma told me I’m the rain,
I’m not even a human being
I’ll dry up when the sun comes through the clouds
it only takes 8 minutes and 19 seconds to renounce.

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