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Depression turns a story into a masterpiece.

What is this thing in life that drives you to go further?

I worry a lot, about everything, I wish it would just go away
get these thoughts out of my head, before I drop dead
I can’t take this anymore.

I’m going to go over the edge.

The more I push, the more I pull, my mind plays me like a fool
these thoughts occur, I have no control
I push them in the back of my head, but they are still present
they haunt me like no other
I just wish that they would not bother.

Already over the edge.

I hold my hands over my ears, and scream away all of my fears
they just won’t go away, so I’m going to have to end it another way
I think of better times and how it will change, but those thoughts still remain
they’ve done no good, they’ve pushed me to the end.
I regret nothing.

The fight.

The gun is loaded, the trigger is loose
I can’t take much more of this abuse.
The vision is clear, I’m done with you dear.
I picked a fight with my biggest enemy:
this thing that I call myself.
My mindless delusions are propagating these illusions.

It’s going so fast that I can’t stand it
I feel as if I’m dead at the moment
my hands grip tight around the silver bullet
my life was executable,
but I took hold, and that’s no longer required.

The win.

The victory is mine, I think these thoughts will now subside
I fought a long time, now this moment is mine
the thoughts are gone: memories and constant thinking.

I’m done
I won
now go away.

But they will come back again


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