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There is no other mystery, than the mystery of oneself, relinquishing all hope to that of guilt.

I fight ‘til death comes for me

and come for me, it will

there’s no, no fighting back

the past will come

bring forth a vengeance,

deliverance, I’ve lived it!

it’s not complete,

until it consumes me

every fiber shredded

within this program of life.

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  • jacqueline dick . December 26, 2012 . Reply

    I feel the vengeance here from you…like Dylan…who will not go gently into the night….Nice work!

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . December 26, 2012 . Reply

      Thanks for taking a look inside my head, Jackie. Glad you could feel it, but I hope you didn’t feel “too” much of the vengeance. Thanks for stopping by, love! ♥ 🙂

  • Beth Winter . December 26, 2012 . Reply

    Love the absoluteness here. The “no, no” is very effective. Bravo, Brad

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . December 26, 2012 . Reply

      Thank you so much, Beth! ♥ 🙂

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