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You can polish yourself until the day you die, but you’ll still be defective.

In the shadows lurks hateful liars and deceivers
they create drama and drown in pits of their own waste
drama is their middle name
they love dragging others into their game.

You say you don’t want to be part
part of their drama art.
You try and escape the confines of the stage floor,
but somehow you’re right back in the performance and want to run out of the exit by the backstage door.

Wear your mask with pride,
as Phantom did to hide the lies.
It’s wicked you never seem to get left out of the drama club bullshit
the witches in your life seem to cast spells
spells that bind you to the club for life.

People drag you in their drama,
but you want to be left out
so you hide in your room listening to Phantom of the Opera, no doubt.
“The Phantom of the Opera is there, inside my mind,
whispering such beautiful lies, my heart so entwined.
Take me, man of mystery.”

By yourself you sing
sing beautiful music
escaping the hell of which you reside
knowing the drama club is full of deceit and lies.

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