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You can polish yourself until the day you die, but you’ll still be defective.

While I am imperfect, I breathe you in
it is a sigh of relief, for I had no friends
anybody dare love a creature such as me
be the last time they see their self-esteem
shunning them to a life of humiliation
peers look to them for self-gratification
some call it satisfaction, albeit, both the same
there is a difference between intelligence and insane
but being my friend has its consequences
and remaining that friend through those ups and downs
is the key to what friendship is all about
though many may find it a bit cliché
the principles of friendship were designed this way.

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  • Adriene . March 10, 2013 . Reply

    Much truth in this. Really nice.

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . March 10, 2013 . Reply

      Thank you, Adriene. I’ve been letting my emotions run wild. It’s not like me. Alien, something I”m not used to.

  • Beth Carrignant . July 24, 2013 . Reply

    I really love this one.

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . July 24, 2013 . Reply

      Thank you Beth. ♥ 🙂

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