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A dagger of roses plunged through my heart, let’s lick up the blood and gaze the stars.

Entrapment of the soul
I know, I know, I know!
There’s something mythological
I’ve been chasing signs of the end
I have been presented case after arduous case,
but no factual argument has come
to me in a dream,
I plead the Fifth

When the horrifying comes to light,
when the monster comes in for the bite,
when the judge misleads the courtroom,
when the attorney inside you knows too much
and when the jury pushes for the untrue
there’s somebody to take the fall

Corruption of the legal system is the law.

The facts speak of lies, because inside the mind
a murderer waits, excavates, but forensic science
gets in his way. There’s nowhere to run
but in handcuffs to join Big John.
Corruption will ensure you’ve got a comfy cell
let’s not piss off the warden, and see about bail

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  • brian miller . July 3, 2012 . Reply

    ha if you think you will ever make it jail if you fight the corruption you got another thing coming….no need for bail when you disappear never to be heard from again…smiles…

    coruption of the legal system is the law…nice one liner there…

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . July 3, 2012 . Reply

      Thank you! I’ll probably be disappearing soon, and I’ll try to phone you from my grave. If you get a call and it’s complete silence, that’s me.

  • Vanessa Matthews . July 3, 2012 . Reply

    There was something about that second stanza in particular that I totally responded too. Nicely done Bradley… and try not to disappear, I’d like to come visit again some time!

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . July 4, 2012 . Reply

      Thank you, V! I’ll try and not disappear, but you know, if I’m on the list, it’s the law. ♥

  • hedgewitch . July 3, 2012 . Reply

    Great work with the metaphor here–the illegality of our own souls running amok, filled with horror, trialed by our own corrupt and biased minds…or so I read. Regardless, some excellent language and craft in this.

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . July 4, 2012 . Reply

      You read write. 😉 Thank you so very much for your lovely comment, Hedgewitch. ♥

  • ayala . July 3, 2012 . Reply

    A good piece, Bradley. Interesting and creative.

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . July 4, 2012 . Reply

      Thank you, sweetie, thank you so much. ♥

  • Jackie Dick . July 4, 2012 . Reply

    That second stanza says it all for me… Haunting, and rings true. You’re a brave guy, know that?…for seeing this…and so well executed. I’ll remember this one for a looooong time!

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . July 4, 2012 . Reply

      You’ve got to be brave in the world today. Thank you, Jackie, for stopping by and leaving your lovely thoughts. ♥

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