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You can polish yourself until the day you die, but you’ll still be defective.

You’ve held a cloud over my head for many years
all you ever did was control my fears
but you are the demon which caused all of my pain.
Why won’t you leave?
Do you just want to haunt me another day?

You’ve locked me up and swore me to secrecy
you’ve tried to contain me,
but I will not let that be.

You seem to think that I have forgotten
though who could forget the lies and torture?
You’ve made me do the unthinkable
now I hope that this will be on your mind forever!

I never received an apology.

You have done most people wrong
made them do things that they would have never dreamt of doing.

The cloud is thick, but I am sick of your shit.
I’ve dealt with this since I was a child,
now it is time that I turn the clocks around.
I won’t do what all you’ve done to me
I’ll turn it around,
you’ll see.

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