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You cannot have happiness without a drop of pain.

Dear Self,

I’m struggling with you
forgive that I hurt you
my heart is cold, laced ‘n 24 years old
in barbed wire, takin’ me higher
inserted much deeper, than I
ever thought
now I’m on my way
I’m takin’ you down with me
forgive me not, ‘cause I’ve
got nothin’ else to lose
I’m alone again,
and I carry all of this
upon my shoulders
to find you

Dear Me,

What have I done?
I was supposed to fight ‘til the end
supposed to win, ‘til this war is won
but it’s this curse I bear
I just can’t seem to shake
follows me around
like a hungry wolf
to the forest of myself
I’m the prey, the meal dealt
I have nothin’ to lose now
so where am I to go
I belong to nature
forever in these trees
c o n s u m e  me
r e g u r g i t a t e  me

Dear Self,

I’m struggling again
forgive that I hurt you (no)
I cannot understand
what rages through my blood
and causes me to go mad
but I’m sorry
that you must take it all
deal with the anguish I cause

Dear Me,

Please forgive yourself
please move on
even though there’s far too much pain you’ve dealt
everything takes time
and by then all will heal
try never to come back again
to the forest where you were stripped
left to the wolves
but instead gained confidence?
and if you ever come back to these
unfortunate thoughts
read your journey again
relive all endured
just to know where you belong

The One Within

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