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You cannot have happiness without a drop of pain.

In the sand, I bury everything I’ve ever done
hoping it would right the wrong from past curses,
devilish deeds, possessed, not understanding.
In filth, damaged memories upfront,
my mind never leaving crushed dreams, lost hopes,
and a twinkle on Mars I look to for advice
and never received an answer from my alien race.

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Tags: #Life

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  • Luis Ullán . March 22, 2012 . Reply

    Unexpected ending, man! Well done.
    Much respect.


    • (Author) Bradley Howington . March 22, 2012 . Reply

      Hello Luis! Thank you for stopping by! I ended it the way I did because I have a strong connection to Mars. I feel a piece of me was left there. Hopefully one day I’ll get that piece back.

      Thank you for always stopping by and leaving your thoughts!


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