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I could travel the cosmos, but I’d choke on the stars.

Wind whips in the night
blistering my lips with its cold fright
I lay in the snow, with my hand grasped around my coat
feeling ever so lonely in the meadow

I’m alone again, it’s almost close to winter’s end
Not wanting to die, I lay alone and cry
My head pressed against a large block of ice
inside lay a rock
watching a river of red d r o p

The cruelty that others bring
is no match for a frail boy like me
Watching the river of red run so heavily
I know that my time is up, please forgive me

I did nothing to cause this pain
it was done to me by the mentally deranged
Forceful blows, a winding road
led me here to this dark-gray stone

where the red river continuously flows…

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