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There is no other mystery, than the mystery of oneself, relinquishing all hope to that of guilt.

My heart bursts out of my chest,
and I know it’s at rest
but will it beat one more time for you
will it skip rhythm, rib cage
and bleed more profusely for you?

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Tags: #Love

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  • dusty hamilton . April 17, 2012 . Reply

    wow. there’s so much to say more than those three letters. there’s so much emotion wrapped up in that heart. a longing, a gift, an effortless climb. but tears all the same

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . April 17, 2012 . Reply

      It’s an intense longing. Hopefully one day it’ll fade.

  • Carol . April 17, 2012 . Reply

    Your short poem here seem having agony in his or her heart.

    • (Author) Bradley Howington . April 17, 2012 . Reply

      You could say agony, Carol. A lot of agony.

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