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[quote]My cousin Shay Barlage wanted me to write her a poem, so this morning (September 10, 2010) I got to work. She has cystic fibrosis. Read about cystic fibrosis.[/quote]

Beautiful young girl, what is wrong?
“I was born with a disease, something flawed.”
Beautiful young girl with her whole life ahead,
pick yourself up, it’s not time to dread.
Be a kid, have fun,
before you know it this terrible disease will be gone.

“But it won’t be gone, it won’t go away.
I’ll have to live with it for the rest of my days.
It’s taken it’s toll, it’s done it’s damage.
What am I to do, let it continue havoc?”

Oh young child, set your mind free
come on, take a little walk with me.
We’ll escape this land of worry and pain
never to come back, ever again.

“But my mother, a frightened soul,
is terrified that she may lose her little girl.”
Oh your mother, a beautiful woman,
should not worry about such terrible notions
for she has the rest of her life to share her devotion
with a beautiful young girl,
who is loved with a passion.

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