What People Say


What some people say matters to me. We live in a world where language is used more for harm than it is used for good. It’d be foolish to think we’d grow from the past and make better the future, but it appears that’s not our luck today. Time will tell, yet time is our enemy, because we don’t have time to waste: time is far too important.

I save the good things people say about me, and if that’s weird, then call me Mr. Weird. Below are some of the things people have said to me:

[quote]Love your poems. Sea of Wonder is by far my favorite. How does one put such passion into writing?[/quote] — Vincent

[quote]I know you only through Facebook, but there is something gigantic and mythic about you, as if you have always existed and always will. This website seems too small to hold your dreams and ambitions, Bradley. Seriously. Your uniqueness and explosive untamed talents are clear. Just saying.[/quote] — Frederic

[quote]Your life might be “Flawed” Brad but you absolutely live these words: “I carry myself with perfection.“[/quote]  — Santha

[quote]This is deep, powerful, and intensely personal stuff. You’ve obviously got talent. Or you’re a hard worker to have gotten this far with your writing. Probably both. Thanks for sharing this with me, brother. I’m keeping in touch. Keep doing your thing! I’ll keep doing mine. I’m late to have met (even if only online, haha) such a passionate writer.[/quote] — Jun-Hee

[quote]Brad, I have read you many times, but this one … well, I want you to know you are a great writer … and you had such guts to write this post. We need writers like you … I am glad you decided to stay … I don’t know the shit you are going through … but when you get to the end of that rope, tie a knot in it … and hang on … as a writer we need your input, your pain, and overcoming spirit to help others … that the world has shit on … I for one am proud to know you…[/quote] — Dreamer Steve, Suicide Attempts, My Mother, and What’s on My Mind

[quote]The world needs different and unique people to keep spinning. Best to you![/quote] — Gwen Dubeau

When I first started writing, I didn’t believe in myself, and when people would tell me how great my work is, I thought they were insane. Half of my life I’d searched for something I was good at, my gift. We all have talents, and some have talents that they are not even aware of. You’re like me. I was a lost kid searching for his gift, something I was good at, something that defined me as a person, something I love . . . and that’s writing. I’m not overconfident in my writing abilities, I’m not one percent cocky, but I’m confident that I‘m a good writer. I was once a kid, lost, trying to find his calling, and you know what? It found me. I never once thought I’d become a writer, poet, or a photographer. I’m so proud of the ARTist I’ve become. I’m so proud to sit here and write this tonight.

[pullquote_right]“Don’t fuck with a writer, unless you want to be bludgeoned to death in their next story.”[/pullquote_right]

Some people will shoot your dreams down, they will make you feel like complete shit for following your dreams. I know, because I’ve been bullied to stop writing, to give up who I am. I’m not going to allow anybody to take this piece of me away. I’ve been told that my poetry is a pile of shit—this that and the other thing—but I’m still writing, because writing is who I am, writing defines me. Poetry is my first love, poetry is my passion. I know I’ve said this many times, but when I die, I’d love to be remembered as a poet.

Many aspire to be a writer, poet, photographer, you name it, the dreams are there. We all have dreams, but difficulty may lie within, and we must break this difficulty so we can move forward and live our dreams, our lives in peace. My difficulty, my enemy above all other enemies, is doubt. I’ve been knocked down a few times, told my poetry is “shitty” and that I “should stop writing,” but this has not stopped me. There’s a writer in me. There’s poetry. There’s a human being. There’s more than flesh. There’s more than bone. Writing will forever be part of me. I’d not give it up for anything in the world. We all will take a beating from ignorant bullies, but we will not allow them to bring us down because they feel ill about themselves. Jealousy, my friends, is but a troubling mindset.

Remember to write what you believe in.