Photography is my art, but writing is my heart


Dandelion Seed Head

I’m not a professional photographer. I take pictures because I love to capture the beauty of the world, and I feel some of us take nature and the earth for granted. Flowers are my obsession, and I could get lost for hours in a field of flowers, with gorgeous butterflies spreading their wings in the summer sun, dragonflies resting on dandelions, grasshoppers blending in to the green serene, hiding, waiting for you to snap the perfect shot of them before they jump, losing themselves in the beauty of nature’s offerings. This takes me back to when I was a young child playing with my mother’s Polaroid instant camera. I’d take pictures of everything, shake the picture that popped out, and wait for it to develop. I can hear my mother right now: “I hope you didn’t waste my film, you know that shit costs money.”

For me, photography is more than taking a picture and hoping I get a marvelous shot. It’s about the memories which last a lifetime. As the years go by, as the sun finally fades away and sparks its last ray of hope, we’ll be there in spirit to capture the moment. Most importantly, we’ll have the memories from the years before our final scene to look back on, have a few laughs, some good cries, and enjoy those memories. Good or bad, memories are what heals us, how we learn and get stronger, so always have your camera by your side.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

I’d be nothing without my camera today. Well, no, I’d be something, but I’d definitely be lost without my photography companion, partner in crime, my main man — oh, you get the picture! Photography has always been something I’ve loved greatly. My mother swears that I got the photography gene from her, because she loved taking pictures as a teenager. We go back and forth, bickering, about how photography could not be inherited, passed on to someone. Though, who am I to decide such a thing? It very well could’ve been passed on to me. Thank you mother for such a great gift! I shall cherish it until the day my body comes to an end! I love you, Mother! ♥

Red Rose

Red Rose

Nature is such a beautiful place to relax with your camera. One must always sit under a tree and take in the beauty which nature offers. Never will you be disappointed. When I have my camera and I’m outside, I sometimes feel like a child when I see a butterfly, bird, anything that’s beautiful and I feel needs to be photographed. My inner child pours through and I run around waving my camera like a madman escaped from the local nuthouse. H’m, when I’ve not shaved and/or had a haircut in a while, I begin to look like Tom Skerritt and Charles Manson’s love child. Oh damn. Well, it’s settled: I’m officially a nut. I’d love to be a pistachio.

My love for snapping pictures is planted deep within my core. A rose sings a petal of mystery to these ears every time I gaze upon its beautiful thorns. Danger lies within such a marvelous design, but that doesn’t stop me from touching, smelling, absorbing every moment with an organism I adore. Pictures are a way of expressing myself, a love which is ingrained in me as an ARTist, and an art form I breathe so as long as these lung can taste oxygen. Flowers flourish in my mind — just a plant, but plants I cherish. There’s a field of gorgeous insects just waiting to pollinate, spreading the seeds of life, the nectar of flowers through my lens, only one word can describe: inspiring. Inspiration is around every corner, we inhale it every day, whether we know it or not. Photography is my art, but writing is my heart.

I am a photographer.

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