The Curse of Megledesh



Megledesh entered my head and I wanted her to be the one who helps those fight their bullies – even if it means killing them, fictitiously. All you have to do is chant her verse, but know that she’s a curse. Once you bring her out of hiding, you and the bully taunting you will be terrified. She will do the work and have your bully wiped off this Earth, but know that she expects you to repeat her verse. Megledesh believes in karma, and what you dish out will come back on her, so she takes it out on you, for bringing her back to hurt those who’ve hurt you. You’ve been warned, so recite at your own risk.

If a bully is harming you by putting his or her hands on you, don’t be afraid to defend yourself. ♥


Lick your lips to remove the droplets of everyday life
and let the curse of Megledesh stand by your side.
Drop your knees by the fireplace,
and don’t scream or shake.
Small footsteps, slowly, with elegance
choreographed just the way she likes.

Her eyes are black and her dress is torn
Megledesh loves children who recite her verse:

“Megledesh awaken this night,
enter my virgin body, I can’t wait to die.
Let’s hear your scream piercing our heads,
while our shattered dreams lie under our beds.
We give our blood to the woman of night,
bring forth your gift to us, make us end our lives.
No longer do we wish to be in this pain,
the teasing and torment from life every day.
Megledesh the woman of death,
bring forth your potion that will put us to death!”

The woman of death enters each home
they’ve called her to them, for they want left alone.
Teasing and bullying isn’t much fun
only Megledesh can enter when summoned.
Chant her verse with all of your might
she will come and put death in your eyes.
Her chant is taught in many schoolyards around the world,
because the bullying of many boys and many girls.

When you’re alone at home in your bed,
and you’re wishing on the moon that death enter your young head,
just call on Megledesh, and she’ll make your bully wish
that he or she never uttered a sentence.
A bully is one who gets down on his or her knees,
and recites the words of Megledesh three times a week.

Tonight she will touch the many enemies of you in their sleep
and you’ll wake up tomorrow fresh and at peace.
Just know that once you get down on your knees
recite her verse at your own risk
because you don’t want karma biting you in the ass
for wishing death on your enemies so fast.