My Sweet Amber


Oh, it can’t be
where forever they’ll not be,
and see
hide, drive me out of their
pitiful minds
go, hide and block out,
what wish not to hear — oh! Take
take it all from
see, me for who I am
really, I know what outcome
has me in its clasp.

I see, a night like no other
upon me — no! don’t burn me father!
for I bring a gift unknown to others
do take me, lock the chamber,
off with you, and Amber.
Amber eyes, shine in the night
where wolves howl, engage in fight
battle on, my sweet Amber,
and give them all,
what they came for!

A werewolf gift given to me
I see, my sweet Amber,
on cold ground
a shiver,
rages in me, and the anger,
can’t fight back — oh Amber!
Oh Amber, the hunters have gotten to me,
they’ve spied, they’ve hunted, they’ve destroyed me!
I’ll never have you back, see.
I see, I see it in my eyes,
I see the gift my canine Amber gives
and with this gift of seeing the past
I kiss sweet Amber upon her furry head
now I part to find my father — he’ll soon be dead!