Attracting the Lion


Eyes, I envisioned, cold as blood
bodies adding up to one
he’s the power, a force,
greater than any guard
that door comes off,
hinges in shreds,
he finally reveals himself:
a carnivorous beast,
attraction of the flesh.
Plenty on these bones,
I hope he’ll detest!

Locked on those yellow eyes
a mane that is all mine
fangs penetrating me every night
oodles of fur missing by sunrise.

This attraction is new
alien in its ways, conflicting with me
Tame is not his name
he’s far from it, the pleasure is rain
falling, scratch marks absorbing,
I conceal the pain,
and ride these claws until sunrise, again
breaks through the trees
desert morning, sand against me
I wrestle him to the ground for more
it’s the thrill of the game,
but it looks like he won’t take his prey.

Just a quick poke, it appears
I was the object, and he instilled fear
unlike him, I was in love
let it bleed from my heart,
as he gnawed.

The fang, stuck in deep
once yanked out
shall not leave my side.

Please be mine?

[box_info]The lion is a hunter of love, and we’re his prey.[/box_info]